At JRH Design + Build our projects include:
High-End Remodeling & New Construction, 
Annual Maintenance*, Home Owners Representative Services & Free Advice


As a Design+Build Firm - JRH offers a complete full-service experience with a professional and licensed team. Whether you are working with an architect or you have plans of your own - JRH can work with you to complete your project from the ground up. Working with us is a great solution to taking out the middle man by streamlining the building process.

High-end Remodeling & New Construction

Whether your remodeling project is large or small, it will follow the same basic principles and process.

  1. We will first visit with you to get an idea of your needs, wishes and basic timeline. Usually, this first meeting is at the project or in your existing home if it's a new project.

  2. We will then advise you on the next step of the project. We may determine that your project is not within the framework of what we do best and will provide you some advice on where to go. We may decide that your project is exactly what we do, but that you need some professional design help first to get your ideas on paper so we can give you an accurate estimate on time and costs. We may point you to our in-house architects or designers, or we may point you to outside professional help if they better suit your needs.

  3. Quite often, we will be able to work with you immediately to help organize, plan and value engineer your remodel ideas. Once we are allowed to bring in our team of trades to review the work, we are extremely accurate with cost and schedule estimates.

Annual Maintenance Program


Preventive maintenance is how the most elegant homes stay that way. A sister company, Vesta iQ's Preventive HomeCare program provides a comprehensive, proactive approach to maintaining and managing the maintenance of your home, thus eliminating the headaches and frustration that arise from trying to do it yourself.

Over the course of 18 years, Vesta iQ has identified several inherent trends with home ownership. They have also noted the typical methods used to maintain and repair these homes. Issues concerning your family and home's Operation Costs, Health, Safety, Comfort, Time Management, Technology and Trade Expertise seem to come up time and time again, which prompted them to take action.

VESTA iQ LLC. was specifically created with the four pillars; Safety, Health, Comfort and Asset Protection in mind. Vesta iQ has developed packages of services that address these issues in a proactive manner. The Preventive Home Care package is based on a 440 point maintenance program that covers all the necessary elements required to properly maintain a home. Over the course of 4 quarterly visits, they address and/or maintain each of these items in a proactive, time-sensitive and efficient manner that provides you peace-of-mind while protecting one of your greatest assets...your home. While you are in the care, guidance and protection of Vesta iQ's Preventive Home Care plan, you are also granted access to Vesta's "Professional Services". Among other things, the "Professional Services" include private lists of trade-contractor and specialists with "pre-negotiated" pricing, Free Interior Design hours, Free Unskilled Labor and Electrician Hours, Free Project Management Hours and Free 24-hour Client Assistance for any of your home emergency needs. Vesta's Preventive HomeCare package is the most comprehensive, cost effective and proactive maintenance program available in the Dallas Metroplex today, bar none. 

Full-Home Maintenance and Home Ownership Advice all year round. There are no contracts, only satisfied clients. They are your personal "Home Advisors" and a friend in the home maintenance business.

Contact Vesta iQ today for a complimentary consultation: 214-882-2140.

*Carried out by Vesta iQ

Owners Representative

As an Owners Representative, JRH's primary responsibility is to be the advocate of the owner and act in the owner's best interest by over-seeing the construction project from start to finish. Depending on the owner's experience and services of other consultants, such as an architect, these services might include:

  1. Assist with developing a master plan or hiring a consultant for a master plan.
  2. Assisting with the contracting of professional services. 
  3. Assisting the owner with determining the appropriate delivery method for the proposed project i.e. Design/Build, Cost Plus, Hard Bid, Guaranteed Max.
  4. Assist with selecting the appropriate consultants, such as Designers, Architects, etc. 
  5. Assist with the collection of information needed for fmancing or permitting.
  6. Ensure the contractor and subcontractors are properly insured and bonded.
  7. Review contracts between the selected vendors and builder. 
  8. Review plans and specifications for suitability of the owner.
  9. Review the Energy Modeling and assist with LEED certification requirements.
  10. Assist with the hiring of a decorator or maintenance contractor. 
  11. Ensure a reasonable and realistic budget is developed and maintained. 
  12. Make sure all fees, overhead, contingencies, etc. are in-line with industry standards.
  13. Perform on-site inspections for quality workmanship and materials.
  14. Attend, or conduct, construction meetings with the contractor, architect and trades.
  15. Review all test reports and ensure they are in compliances with specifications.
  16. Help the owner resolve disputes or claims that may occur. 
  17. Review progress billings and negotiate revisions when necessary. 
  18. Ensure all lien/claim releases are executed with all progress and final payments.
  19. Coordinate with contractors to resolve warranty issues.
  20. Ensure compliance with all close-out procedures.
  21. Assist with high-performance (LEED, etc.) certification documentation.
  22. Develop a preventive operations & maintenance plan for the owner.