Hearts & Hammers

Hearts & Hammers in Dallas is a wonderful organization that utilizes construction companies and volunteers to help people repair their home who are otherwise unable to do so. We assembled our crews (and family members) and spent a few Saturdays in South Dallas making a pink home safe & comfortable for it’s sweet homeowner. We did a great deal of cleaning up and we even tore down an old storage building that was very dangerous for the children in the neighborhood. We repaired all of the rotten wood siding, scraped the peeling paint, and put on a couple of fresh coats – pink of course. It was a long and hot couple of days, but we were so glad to be in our community helping people. We hope you’ll join us next time so you can experience the joy of making a difference in the lives of those around you.

Here are a few pictures from our Hearts & Hammers Day… we should have taken more, but we were very busy!